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Davis Jr., R.A. and Klay, J.M. . 1989. Origin and development of Quaternary terrigenous inner shelf sequences, southwest Florida. Transactions of the Gulf Coast AssociatIon of Geological Societies, v. 39, p. 341-347. #2926
Klay, J.M. . 1989. Stratigraphy and Holocene history of the Cape Romano shoals, southwest Florida shelf. Department of Geology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 132 p.
Davis Jr., R.A. and Klay, J.M. . 1989. Tidal sand ridges, southwest Florida. Modern and Ancient Examples of Clastic Tidal Deposits - a Core and Peel Workshop, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology, Second International Research Symposium on Clastic Tidal Deposits, p. 20-24, Reinson, G. E., ed.
Davis Jr., R.A. , Klay, J.M. , and Jewell, P. . 1993. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of tidal sand ridges - southwest Florida inner shelf. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 63, no. 1, p. 91-104
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