Florida Beach Atlas

Table 1 - Beach Reaches Related to Beach Sampling Locations (from North to South)

Beach Reach
Beach Monument Markers
Sample Sites
# of Sites
Amelia Island (St. Mary's Entrance to Nassau Sound) NASSAU R-1 to R-82 NA-01 to NA-1414
Little Talbot IslandDUVAL R-1 to R-25 DU-11 to DU-166
Wards BankDUVAL R-16 to R-30 DU-17 to DU-182
Mayport to St. Augustine Inlet DUVAL R-31 to ST JOHNS R-122C DU-01 to SJ-25 35
St. Augustine Inlet to Matanzas Inlet ST JOHNS R-123 to R-196A SJ-26 to SJ-41 16
Matanzas Pass to Ponce de Leon Inlet ST JOHNS R-197 to VOLUSIA R-148 SJ-42 to VO-30 53
Ponce de Leon Inlet to Port Canaveral VOLUSIA T-149 to BREVARD V-167 VO-31 to BV-34 61
Port Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet BREVARD R-1-T to R-219 BV-35 to BV-79 45
Sebastian Inlet to Ft. Pierce Inlet INDIAN RIVER R-1 to ST LUCIE R-33 IR-01 to SL-07 31
Hutchinson Island (Ft. Pierce Inlet to St. Lucie Inlet)ST LUCIE R-34 to MARTIN R-42 SL-08 to MT-0925
Jupiter Island (St. Lucie Inlet to Jupiter Inlet) MARTIN R-45 to PALM BEACH R-12 MT-10 to PB-0219
Singer Island (Jupiter Inlet to Lake Worth Inlet) PALM BEACH R-13 to R-75 PB-03 to PB-1513
Palm Beach Island (Lake Worth Inlet to Boynton Inlet) PALM BEACH R-76 to R-151 PB-16 to PB-3015
Boynton Inlet to Boca Raton Inlet PALM BEACH R-152 to R-222 PB-31 to PB-4414
Boca Raton Inlet to Hillsboro Inlet PALM BEACH R-223 to BROWARD R-24 PB-45 to BW-05 6
Hillsboro Inlet to Port Everglades BROWARD R-25 to R-85 BW-06 to BW-1712
Port Everglades to Baker's Haulover Inlet BROWARD R-26 to DADE R-26 BW-18 to DD-0514
Baker's Haulover Inlet to Government Cut DADE R-27 to R-74 DD-06 to DD-1510
Virginia KeyDADE R-79 to R-88 DD-16 to DD-172
Key BiscayneDADE R-89 to R-113 DD-18 to DD-236

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