Florida Beach Atlas

Appendix C - Comparative Grain Size Distribution Curves Across Inlets
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Unknown Pass X PI-03 PI-04
Hurricane Pass X PI-08 PI-09
Dunedin Pass X PI-11 PI-12
Clearwater Pass X PI-15* PI-17
Johns Pass X PI-32 PI-33
Blind Pass X PI-36 PI-37
Pass-a-Grille Channel X PI-42 PI-43
Bunces Pass X PI-45 PI-46
Egmont Channel/SW Channel X PI-48 HL-01
Passage Key Inlet X HL-03 MN-01
Longboat Pass X MN-09 MN-11*
New Pass X SA-06 SA-07
Big (Sarasota) Pass X SA-10 SA-12*
Midnight Pass (historic) X SA-16 SA-17
Venice Inlet X SA-25 SA-26
Stump Pass X CH-05 CH-06
Gasparilla Pass X CH-13 CH-17
Boca Grande Pass X LE-06 LE-07
Captiva Pass X LE-14 LE-15
Redfish Pass X LE-19 LE-20
Boca Ciega X LE-25 LE-26
Matanzas Pass X LE-39 LE-40
Big Carlos Pass X LE-47 LE-48
New Pass X LE-50 LE-51
Big Hickory Pass X LE-52 LE-53
Wiggins Pass X CR-03* CR-05
Clam Pass X CR-10 CR-11
Doctors Pass X CR-14 CR-15
Gordon Pass X CR-21 CR-22
Little Marco Pass X CR-30 CR-31
Capri Pass & Big Marco Pass X CR-32 CR-33
Caxambas Pass X CR-40 CR-41
Bahia Honda Channel &
Bogie Channel
X MO-16 MO-19

* The following sites were not collected: PI-16, MN-10, SA-11, CR-04