Florida Beach Atlas

Appendix B - Sediment Sample Quality Control Analysis

As a quality control check, replicate samples were processed separately for approximately 10% of all beach samples processed. Twenty-three duplicate back beach samples were processed for Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier and Monroe Counties. The following is a list of Duplicate Samples that were processed and compared to their original samples.

Duplicate Samples
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Pinellas County

PI-04-BB PI-14-BB PI-24-BB PI-34-BB

Manatee County


Sarasota County

SA-04-BB SA-13-BB SA-23-BB SA-33-BB

Charlotte County

CH-02-BB CH-12-BB  

Lee County

LE-06-BB LE-18-BB LE-24-BB LE-35-BB

Collier County

CR-06-BB CR-16-BB CR-34-BB CR-43-BB

Monroe County

MO-08-BB MO-18