Florida Beach Atlas

Appendix B - Sediment Sample Quality Control Analysis

As a quality control check, replicate samples were processed separately for approximately 10% of all beach samples processed. Twenty-eight duplicate back beach samples were processed from Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor, Levy, and Pasco Counties. The following is a list of Duplicate Samples that were processed and compared to their original samples.

Duplicate Samples
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Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties

ES-01-BB ES-14-BB ES-24-BB ES-34-BB

Okaloosa County

OA-03-MB OA-16-BB OA-25-BB

Walton County

WL-02-BB WL-12-BB WL-22-BB

Bay County

BY-04-BB BY-14-BB BY-25-BB BY-35-BB

Gulf County

GF-08-BB GF-15-BB GF-26-BB

Franklin County

FK-09-BB FK-22-BB FK-32-BB FK-41-BB
FK-49-BB FK-61-BB    

Wakulla County


Taylor and Dixie Counties


Levy, Citrus and Hernando Counties


Pasco County


Two different sieve sets were used in the initial grain size analysis. Samples from Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, as well as from sites ES-42 and ES-43 were processed in Sieve Set #1. All other samples were processed using Sieve Set #2. Please see Table B1 for a complete list of sieves used in each set and their manufacturers.